Jun 05, 2020

A: No, you do not have to install Google Chrome when installing Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Shockwave Player. The Google Chrome offer is optional. If you do not want to install Google Chrome, simply uncheck the checkbox for the offer before clicking the “Download now” button (Flash Player/Reader) or installing Shockwave Player. What is Google Chromecast and why should you care? Jun 05, 2020 Zoom - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome

Feb 08, 2018

Zoom Cloud Meetings for Chrome. im having the same issue , the only way everyone can hear the video im sharing is if i unmute my mic but then the sound quality is low and so is the volume. i think this is only a problem on these Chromebook PC's, apple windows, ect don't have this issue, really upsetting because i just got this PC for zoom and this feature isn't up to par with other PC's , hope

How to find what version of Google Chrome you have

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