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Kevin David Mitnick, age 51, Las Vegas, NV 89123 View Full Report Known Locations: Las Vegas NV, 89123, Henderson NV 89074, Las Vegas NV 89121 Why Kevin Mitnick, the World's Most Notorious Hacker, Is Mar 26, 2015 Kevin Mitnick – ghost in the wires, or scourge of the Oct 07, 2011 Master Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shares His 'Addiction' : NPR Aug 21, 2011

Oct 07, 2011

Kevin Mitnick was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. He accessed computers and networks at the world's biggest companies — and no matter how fast the authorities were, Mitnick was faster, sprinting through phone switches, computer systems, and cellular networks. Kevin Mitnick - Speaker Ideas Kevin Mitnick is the world’s most famous hacker, global bestselling author, and the top cybersecurity celebrity keynote speaker and threat demonstrator.He was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history and was once one of the FBI’s Most Wanted, because he went on an ‘electronic joyride‘ during which he hacked into more than 40 major corporations and government organizations Chapter One: Kevin Mitnick's story • The Register

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Kevin Mitnick knows exactly how vulnerabilities can be exploited and just what to do to prevent that from happening. The world's most famous — and formerly the US government's most wanted — computer hacker, he has hacked into some of the country's most powerful and seemingly impenetrable agencies and companies, and at one point was on a I'm Kevin Mitnick, The World’s Most Famous Hacker. AMA AMA May 27, 2009