Part of the job is downloading a .pdf file from our intranet. For this, we open the IE with a script and CPAU.exe (script below) Then we fill a form with a "ITEM" number and download the pdf. The intranet site then runs JavaScript to get the file.

Apr 17, 2012 · I used CPAU.exe to change the password. I place a batch file in the GPO logon script. To create a job file, I run this script \\server\CPAU.exe -u domain\DomainAdminUser -p DomainAdminPassword -ex "Net User Administrator AdminPassword" -enc -file Administrator.job. Then I run the following as a batch file in the user logon script Mar 02, 2012 · Hello I need to download a xml file from internet explorer using my manager's credentials as I dont have rights on the website from where the file is to be downloaded. Can % LOGONSERVER % \ netlogon \ CPAU. exe-file "%LOGONSERVER% etlogon\wapt.job"-dec-hide-profile Ce code peut donc être ajoutée dans un fichier logon.bat et ajoutée en script d’ouverture de session pour les utilisateurs. A. CPAU is a free Runas replacement utility available here.CPAU essentially lets you start processes in an alternative security context, with the ability to pass the password and even store the command-line arguments in an encrypted file. May 25, 2010 · I would like to use a VBScript to allow a user to copy a file from a network share to a folder in the root directory of a PC. I will need to pass my credentials via the script to allow the copy procees to happen.

CPAU - Permettre aux utilisateurs d'installer une

Il est préférable que le fichier CPAU.exe soit présent dans le dossier C:\Windows de chaque poste client. On peut le trouver sur le serveur dans \\se3\netlogon, il suffit de faire un copier-coller du fichier dans le dossier Windows. joeware – never stop exploring… :) » Blog Archive Mar 27, 2008 CPAU help!!

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Nov 16, 2012 Running a Logoff Bat Script as Administrator Solutions I placed cpau.exe in the same folder and run the following command: C:\Manger\i386\CPAU.exe -u admin -ex C:\Manager\i386\logoff.bat-file logoff.dat -enc I'm prompted for the admin password and the encoded file is created and works great. So the problem lies in executing the job from a … SSIS package accessing 2 shares with different credentials Jan 22, 2013