What Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)?

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The most important thing to know about DHCP is that it plays a key role in assigning IP addresses to everyone on the Internet. There are over a billion computers in the world, and each one needs its own IP address whenever it's online. Meaning of DHCP enabled: YES - Server Fault DHCP enabled: Yes Simply means that DHCP is enable on that interface. So if there is a DHCP server on that network than it will get an IP address. If there isn't any … Understanding DHCP on Home Networks Jan 16, 2020 DHCP Error: What It Is And How To Fix It - Lifewire

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What Is DHCP Relating to ISP or Router? - WhatIsMyIP.com®   Most importantly, with DHCP enabled means it is letting the DHCP server assign the computers IP. A true Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server (not your Linksys router) gives the LAN Admin a ton of control with IP address assignment and IP address management (IPAM). For example, have you ever print to a network printer? DHCP Error - Home Network Admin In short, DHCP allows a server or router on your network to automatically assign IP addresses to connected devices. Think laptops, desktops, and even smartphones and tablets. You won’t have to manually assign an IP address if DHCP is enabled. What Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)?